Do I need to be a good at yoga to join?

No. All you need to be is willing to smile, learn, and have fun. We will also teach you about each pose to increase your comfort.

Do I have to wear something special to participate?

There isn’t a specific dress code, but we recommend athletic wear since we ask all OMM girls to participate in the yoga practice as you’re able. And really, yoga pants are super comfortable and pretty much fantastic.

What if I cannot pay?

The cost for OMM girls is $100 and includes a shirt and yoga mat to keep. If you want discuss scholarship options, both partial and full, contact

Will I be able to eat a snack?

Sure, honor you and your body. Pack a simple snack and water for sure.

What if I have to miss a session?

If you need to miss a session, let your coach know. We will not have any makeup sessions.

Will there be an event at the end?

The last session, lesson 12 is a celebration of all OMM girls work.

Where will it take place?

OMM Girls takes place inside of your school. You will meet your OMM coach in the lobby of the school week one and then each session in the same location, gym, library, etc.

What do I need to bring?

You and a smile. A water bottle will be a nice thing to have along.

How do I get picked up?

Your coaches will escort you to the designated pick up location for your school.