Coaches FAQ

Do I need to be a certified yoga instructor to coach?

No. All you need to be is willing to smile, learn, and mentor. We will lead the yoga portion of each session digitally. We will also teach you about each pose during your coaches training to increase your comfort. If you’ve never taken a yoga class, we would recommend attending a few so you get a feel for the poses and how fantastic you will feel! And of course, we encourage you to participate in the yoga practice with the girls.

What if I’m not in great physical shape?

The most important muscle to be a coach is your heart. Any ”body” can practice yoga- we will help you learn the necessary adjustments to make the yoga you do with the girls comfortable for you! We ask the girls to move out of their comfort zone to try something new and you can be a fantastic example of this regardless of your level of fitness.

What clearances do I need to complete?

You will have to complete Child Abuse, Fingerprint, and Criminal Background check clearances. In Pennsylvania, the fingerprint clearance costs $27 and the rest are free for volunteers. You will also need to complete a class on CPR and First Aid. If the school requires any other documents, we will inform coaches. If you require assistance obtaining clearances, let us know.

Do I have to come up with my own lessons for each session?

No, On My Mat has a standardized curriculum. We will train you on the lessons and the accompanying activities at your coaches training.

Do I need to buy the materials for the lessons?

No, all the materials are provided. We do encourage purchasing a yoga mat. We will place a bulk order of junior mats for the girls. Let us know if you’d like to purchase one of these through us. Ask at the location if you can store the mats and materials there, or determine a location at home to keep them safe.

What if I can’t be at the Coaches Training?

We offer two trainings prior to each season- a weekend daytime option and an evening weekday option. You have to be able to attend a Coaches Training to volunteer for the season if it’s the first time you’re coaching. For future seasons, you are welcome to attend a training if you want to brush up on the curriculum or just connect with your fellow coaches. We leave that up to you!

Do I have to wear something specific to coach?

There isn’t a specific dress code, but we recommend athletic wear since we ask all coaches to participate in the yoga practice as you’re able. And really, yoga pants are super comfortable and pretty much fantastic. Coaching gives you a reason to wear them at least twice a week!